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NewOrg is provided as a hosted service (SaaS), so no hardware is required.  We provide the platform, backups, and security as part of a fixed monthly cost.

There are two categories of costs associated with NewOrg.

  • Implementation (customizations, training etc.)
  • Monthly Lifecycle Support & Hosting

For a detailed description of what these include, please click here to view our support page.


Implementation Costs

The cost of an implementation depends on the number and complexity of your programs.  It is based on the time needed to scope and document your data and workflows, and implement customizations such as fields, event types, forms, reports, public portals etc.  It also includes fully customized workflow documentation, training, and may include imports.  Implementation meetings are conducted over the web.


Get started for as little as $3500!   Contact Us to learn more and get a tailored quote for your organization.

Additional costs may include:

Electronic Medical Billing setup – $1000

Public Portal Setup (app forms, calendar, scheduling) – 10 hours – $1000

Import of Contacts and Donations – $500

Additional forms or imports or custom portal design – $150 per hour


Lifecycle Support & Hosting

The Monthly Lifecycle Support & Hosting fee is based on the number of paid/staff users in the system.  There is no fee for volunteer users, or users of any public portals.  The price per user is on a sliding scale, and the per-user cost is reduced as more users are added.  Some sample pricing is listed below.

  • 5 users – $350 per month
  • 20 users – $700 per month

Possible additional costs/considerations:


  • First 50,000 per month are included
  • Additional 50,000 email blocks – $50

SMS – Text Messaging

  • First 500 per month are included
  • Additional SMS messages – $0.03 each

Electronic Medical Billing – 1% of submitted claims, minimum of $100 per month

Web-Based Videoconferencing

  • 25 hours per month included
  • Additional hours – $0.50 each

Donations through PayPal

  • Donations through PayPal – FREE (PayPal non-profit rates apply)

Secure File Sharing + Online Signature Collection/Capture

  • Secure File Sharing & Online Signature collection/capture – Unlimited / Free


Ongoing Staff Training

We recommend that new staff get some basic training on the system and the specific workflows and policies set up for their programs.  We provide a $200 quick start training, for up to 5 users at a time, to get them off on the right foot.  This includes a 2 hour web training, access to all of the training videos, and a 1 hour Q&A followup a week or two after the training, to discuss any questions or suggestions from their first week or two of using NewOrg.