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Canadian CORI/HOMES replacement software solution

February 10, 2011

Miami, FL


RE: PICT announces first implementations of the NewOrg Management solution during Qtr 1 2011 for Canadian Social Service Agencies to replace the HOMES system


Many Canadian Social Service Agencies are in a difficult position  as a result of the demise of the CORI/HOMES data management program.


NewOrg Management System is in the process of implementing the NewOrg solution in multiple Alberta Province Agencies during Quarter 1 of 2011. NewOrg provides functionality and sophisticated reporting beyond CORI/HOMES plus additional benefits in other areas that new program management solutions should be offering today. NewOrg allows for a smooth transition due to knowledge of Canadian regulatory requirements that need to be complied with during implementation.


Additionally, NewOrg is not a "shelf" program that Agencies have to customize themselves; NewOrg's implementation process includes tailoring all facets of functionality and appearance to the unique culture and requirements of individual Agencies.


Please contact NewOrg to discuss the particular needs of your agency and to schedule a demonstration.


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