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Who Should Use NewOrg?


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NewOrg is designed for Non-Profit Organizations looking for a way to better manage Clients, Services, Volunteers, Scheduling and Donor Information while improving productivity and reducing reporting overhead and errors.


NewOrg easily handles organizations with multiple locations, programs, partnerships and funding sources. Our typical Non-Profit Partner has between 3 and 200 or more employees at 1 to 20 or more locations. Many of our Non-Profit Partners are totally Volunteer managed and they use NewOrg to coordinate services for hundreds of Volunteers and Clients.


Take a look at this short video and you will understand why so many Organizations have partnered with us and why you should have a no obligation conversation with NewOrg.






NewOrg is designed to be flexible in capturing and reporting out on program information regardless of your mission and passion. Here are just a few of the many lines of service we work with every day:

  • Therapy
  • Counselling at Risk Youth and victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Referrals
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Homeless Services
  • Scheduling Volunteers with Seniors for in home service 
  • Organic Growing Certification 
  • Pre and Post Testing
  • Conservation and Environmental 
  • Case Management
  • Habitat for Humanity and other Housing Organizations
  • Arts Programming and Management
  • Veteran Services
  • Arc Organizations
  • and many more ...

NewOrg does not currently perform electronic insurance billing but can export to other systems for Medicaid and Medicare invoicing.


Fundraising:  If you manage fundraising events, mailings, email lists, and donations, then NewOrg can help your organization manage development campaigns, improve communications with donors, reduce administration overhead, and empower staff to succeed in their fundrising efforts.


Client/Services:  If you need to track clients and services for billing, fund reporting, staff productivity, and research, NewOrg will streamline your workflow, improve reporting, and reduce the errors and wasted time associated with managing paper records and multiple databases.


Grant Management:  NewOrg will reduce the time needed to produce regular reports to funders regarding your activities with improved flexibility and accuracy. NewOrg can also export data formatted to import directly into your funder's systems, if available. Go after the Grants that require extensive impact data from your current activities; stop missing those opportunities because of your reporting issues and resource


Donor Development & Donation Management: NewOrg manages and reports on the entire development process beginning with nurturing of your donor prospects from nitial identification through the various steps until they ultimately say yes and make the give. NewOrg then tracks and reports on all your revenue producing activites from fundraising events to paid classes or even membership dues.


Volunteers, Scheduling & Event Management:  Your activities are multi-faceted. Client meetings whether individual or group, Volunteer activities, Staff and Board meetings, Build Days, Class sessions, and online registrations and payments are all easily managed by NewOrg under one combined solution. You can report on any aspect of an activity - who participated, duration of the event (and even by participant), mileage, funding source, after events comments and even automated sign in sheets.


Take a look at the videos on the Volunteer Management and Event Management and Web Calendar Solutions pages for more detail about how easy it is to create periodic reports by Client, Volunteers service, funding source and Staff involvement.


Staff Management & Time Sheet: If you need a consolidated scheduling environment for all of your staff and way to track hours and activities for payroll and productivity reports, NewOrg offers an enterprise wide scheduling system and a payroll management system with a flexible yet simple interface and workflow.


Explore the Solutions pages in the top left menu for more specific information about the different operational areas where NewOrg can make your life easier.


Please click here for more information or to schedule an online demonstration so you can see how NewOrg will help transform your organization.


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